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The 3 C’s of Having 1 Marketing Contact

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Here at unLOCKEd, we offer a range of marketing services to help unLOCKE your business’s full potential. We’ve discussed The Value of Outsourcing Your Marketing Over Using AI and answered the question “Why Hire a Social Media Manager?” in previous blogs, but today, we are diving into the benefits of using one company/contact to take care of all of your marketing. From signage to social media to website design, we can do it all, and here’s why that’s so important.


One difficulty of partnering with any outside party is communication. Through the pandemic and the broader world of social media, we have learned how much can get lost in a text message or social media post. The risk of miscommunication in online formats or even just between two people can scare companies into remaining self-reliant and resisting outside help.

Much of this can be avoided by using one marketing contact. You don’t have to be worried about emailing multiple marketing contacts working on numerous marketing projects or how a social media campaign conflicts with a piece of information on your website. Additionally, unLOCKEd is a local company. We work with clients in our area so that we can meet with them in person and understand their business or the space they are working in. This face-to-face connection helps avoid any confusion or misinterpretations in order to properly manage your marketing projects and deliver your vision.


In line with this communication comes the second C: Cohesion. When displaying your brand, you want to be authentic and recognizable. One way to do this is to ensure all your marketing channels are aligned. Your brand colours, logo, personality, style, etc. should be consistent, from your signage to your social media platforms to your website to your interior design. This allows customers to find you more easily and have a uniform view of your business.

Achieving this kind of cohesion is almost impossible with multiple marketing contacts. unLOCKEd offers you a different marketing experience. You work directly with one person with in-depth knowledge of the industry and the region, who is dedicated to managing and taking care of your marketing projects. This same person draws from a network of experienced professionals who specialize in every niche, identifying the talents, backgrounds and ideas best aligned with your business. This allows every marketing endeavour to align with your brand’s values and aesthetics while still getting the best in every field you need.


The final C is a big fear when many companies consider outsourcing their marketing: loss of control. However, contrary to this, outsourcing your marketing with unLOCKEd actually gives you more control. If you plan on outsourcing your marketing, your company likely does not have the resources to make it what you want it to be. unLOCKEd marketing experts ensure you get the best in the field you need, allowing you to have better control over the impact and influence your marketing has. You work directly with one contact who keeps you in the loop through every project as we understand the core competency of owners and managers and work on your behalf. By working with unLOCKEd, you keep control of all your marketing channels and your vision while attaining better control over the results and metrics they achieve.

unLOCKEd works with your company to make your marketing the most effective. You work with one contact and receive the best in every field, allowing your marketing experience to comprise of the 3 C’s: communication, cohesion, and control.

Author: Sarah Murphy


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