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Why Hire a Social Media Manager?

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If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, you may have read The Value of Outsourcing Your Marketing Over Using AI, which discusses the ways AI may fail to live up to the work of an experienced marketer. This blog, however, delves deeper into why you should outsource your marketing in the first place and, more specifically, why you should hire a social media manager.

Social media plays an increasingly significant role in the success of a business, and it is no longer enough to have a randomly tasked employee sporadically posting on your socials. This is where a social media manager comes in. They take the time-consuming and constantly evolving task of managing your social media channels off your shoulders, while keeping you in the loop and a part of decisions. So, let’s get into all the benefits a social media manager can provide.

1. Staying on top of trends and algorithm changes

The social media landscape is always changing. New trends pop up on different platforms, algorithms and user controls change, and feedback constantly rolls in. Any of these may require changes to your social media strategy or schedule, and a social media manager is the perfect person to stay on top of this and make these alterations. Business owners and managers are already busy staying on top of their company’s needs and changes within their industry; hiring a social media means you don’t have to try to stay on top of this too.

2. Increasing and managing engagement

Social media platforms have become a place for companies to engage with their audience and for customers to make inquiries and ask questions. Social media is no longer about just posting but has become a two-way conversation requiring monitoring and management. Social media managers understand this important task and the best ways to connect with customers, relieving you of this time-consuming job.

3. Growing your audience

On top of understanding how to foster engagement, social media managers also know how to grow your business on social media. Managing goals and promoting to your target audience requires monitoring posts and engagement to understand what does well and who is interested. Constantly implementing this feedback requires attention and time that should not just be tacked onto another employee’s workload.

4. Reporting and tracking metrics

Analyzing your social media metrics is a large part of growing your audience and engagement. While anyone can just look at the number of likes a post has, utilizing reporting tools and doing a full analysis of posts, engagement, demographics, clicks of links, posting times, and more is much more helpful to your social media strategy and campaigns. A social media manager can look at this information, report it in a consumable way, and brainstorm ways to improve it or implement the results into future campaigns or creatives. Comparing this information across platforms can also help a company understand where to prioritize their effort and resources.

5. Consistent posting schedule and intentional content

A consistent posting schedule can make a huge difference for most platforms’ algorithms. However, putting out content that has an intention or brings you closer to a goal is also necessary. Posting for the sake of posting is not helpful to you or your customers. A social media manager can do the time-consuming research on trends or topics and ensure your content is posted consistently in an engaging format. This will improve the quality of your social media accounts and the results they create.

Hiring a social media manager allows you to get the best results from your social media content and utilize it to help your business. Marketing experts at unLOCKEd can help manage your social media presence while you’re busy running your company.

Author: Sarah Murphy


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