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The Value of Outsourcing Your Marketing Over Using AI


Artificial intelligence and automation are becoming increasingly common in many industries, including marketing. A recent study by Influencer Marketing Hub even showed that over 60% of marketers had used AI in their marketing activities. While AI can be useful for tasks such as data analysis and task automation, it cannot replace the value of marketing strategy and expertise that requires real people. AI should not be ignored as a helpful tool, but the marketer using the tool makes the biggest difference.

Companies with little marketing experience might think using artificial intelligence is a smart and cost-effective solution, but it is not nearly as helpful to their brand’s success as outsourcing. That’s where unLOCKEd can help. But you don’t have to take our word for it – here are some disadvantages of using AI in place of an experienced marketer.

AI Cannot Replicate Human Connection

While chatbots are common in today’s marketing strategies, they are not the same as human connection. Chatbots may be able to answer a customer’s inquiry quickly and efficiently, but they have limited responses and cannot display the emotion or empathy of a human agent. Quality customer service is essential to many customers, and a frustrating experience with a chatbot could result in a severed relationship with your brand.

AI is incapable of the subjective thinking and emotional connections humans are, and these limitations can be detrimental to a company that relies on AI. Customers value the personalization that only people can offer. Additionally, using AI content means running the risk of sounding too robotic or repetitive, making it difficult for customers to connect to your brand.

The Need for Human Intervention

Although AI is useful for data analytics, it is only as good as the data it’s given. AI often requires large data sets of rich and functional information. This requires a human that understands the data and its application to feed it to AI. Successful AI content is not generated without human intervention and, therefore, cannot replace, only assist, a skilled marketer.

Further, human intervention on the other end is often necessary to interpret or communicate the results of these analytics. Replacing the technical jargon and statistics-heavy information with wording that is understandable and useful to a customer is an integral part of a marketer’s job, and is still necessary with the use of AI.

Over-dependence on Metrics and Analytics

While quantitative metrics and analytics can be useful when making marketing decisions, they do not tell the whole story. Focusing on these components creates a failure in considering qualitative factors like customer satisfaction or brand loyalty. The numbers alone are not representative of a situation, and relying on the metrics and statistics provided by AI can create a hole in your marketing strategy. An over-dependence on this technology can actually create more problems than it solves!

Additionally, it can take years for laws to catch up with emerging technologies. Relying on AI too heavily could have severe drawbacks if laws are later enacted against its use. It also puts the company behind in the event that marketing strategies beyond the use of AI are needed, and the company does not have the necessary employees or expertise to fulfill this.

Lack of Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is not something that a machine can replicate. AI is helpful for repetitive tasks because it is a repetitive technology; that’s what it is built for. Humans are required to brainstorm creative and innovative ideas that represent brand values and are relevant to consumers. Relying on AI can create a dull or disconnected strategy that comes out sounding boring or robotic.

Reliability of Technology and Algorithms

Finally, there is the issue of reliability. Artificial intelligence is still newer technology that is not without its flaws. It may have difficulty recognizing certain information, such as sentiment, or producing consistently reliable predictions and analysis. On top of needing large amounts of data to produce beneficial results, the understanding of this data is not always dependable, creating a risk of relying too heavily on AI.

Outsourcing your marketing will significantly benefit your company in the long run rather than trusting AI with your brand. If your company is in need of marketing expertise and assistance, unLOCKEd is here to help. Our personalized approach crafts higher-quality solutions on flexible terms. Benefiting from years of experience in the management process, Victoria LOCKE understands the core competency of owners and managers and works on your behalf.

Author: Sarah Murphy


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