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We handle the many moving parts so you can focus on your business. You do not have time to deal with a graphic designer, sign company, the city for permits, printing company, website developer, promotional supplier, digital media company…that’s why you work with unLOCKEd. You have a single contact for all of your marketing and branding needs so you can spend your time on your already full schedule.


Expand, relocate, or open a new business with ease.

Let our local branding experts take the stress out of your grand opening. We handle everything from storefront signage, print ads, local websites and so much more. With our help, you’ll catch customers’ attention from day one!

Save time and maximize your marketing budget.

unLOCKEd knows what works in your target market, and can see every advertising project through from conception to distribution. Our local marketing leaders have a strong track record of helping businesses capture attention across Waterloo Region. 

Get people talking about your business.

From designing your storefront to launching a website and beyond, unLOCKEd gives you the tools to catch local attention. Our one-stop shop is set up to design, produce, print, and install your branding materials, so you can start turning heads right away.​


Since each project is unique and our ability to tailor the solutions are endless, we thought we’d give you a possible scenario to help explain possible services we can offer you.
You work at a local company that is relocating, rebranding or expanding and you have been tasked with taking care of this project even though you have pretty full schedule with your full-time job. You may need help with one or all of these tasks.


  • Interior branding - You want people to walk into your space and see and feel your company culture. This can be done with furniture, artwork, visual branding, feature walls, colour choices and etc.

  • Wayfinding signs - No one wants to see those stick-on washroom signs 

  • New or updated vehicle or fleet graphics - Including design, materials and installation. 

  • Exterior or storefront signs - This is the first impression someone has of your brand when they arrive at your location. There is design, sign permits, fabrication and installation that needs to be considered.

  • Updated stationary and business printing - Business cards, envelopes, newsletters and more. Including design, material choices and printing.

  • Ads or promotional campaigns -  Letting people know you’re growing or evolving.  

  • Promotional items - With all your new details.

  • New or updated website 

  • Open houses or grand opening - Including planning, PR and execution.


You do not have time to deal with a graphic designer, sign company, the city for permits, printing company, website developer, promotional supplier, digital media company…that’s why you work with unLOCKEd. You have a single contact for all of your marketing and branding needs. 

Tailored Fit

Is your business




At unLOCKEd, we take care of everything, that's right, all of it. We are industry experts with an abundance of experience. We will get your business where it needs to be, on time, the first time, and for the right price.

Do you really have time for all those moving parts?

Frequently asked questions

How do I increase brand recognition?

Brand recognition means more than receiving name mentions in front of potential customers; it’s about cultivating the desired perception and understanding of your brand among key audiences. You can gain traction through increased marketing or updated messaging; try adding new tools, adopting new strategies and experimenting with new channels. Create opportunities that will help your audience help you spread the word, providing a measurable return on your investment. You have an inherently built-in base of potential advocates in your employees. Fundamentals like this are often overlooked, but employees can be a great resource if you make it easy for them to spread the word. As you leverage your company’s mission, vision and values to talk about important business decisions or cultural choices in your office, employees can refer to this familiar messaging as a way to talk about your company with others. They don’t need to sell anything, just be visible and excited about your company. To generate positive brand awareness, you need to give before you take. Companies often forget about the opportunity to build brand awareness by doing helpful work for the community and aligning the brand with good causes. Putting structure behind these philanthropic endeavors helps build culture, stronger employee bonds and brand awareness through association.

Do you only design logos?

We can help with every brand identity touchpoint between a client and their audience. This may include company or product naming, logo design, advertising, web design, signage, and promotional items.

What type of clients do you work with?

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or if we have worked with a similar client before—the goal is about communicating what makes you unique regardless of your offering. You could be an insurance company or a musician or anything in between.

Do you take on small projects?

Yes. Alongside the larger projects we also love working with smaller startups that are excited about what they are doing, understand that design is more than making something pretty, and are willing to invest an appropriate budget. For both large and small projects, the ideal situation is to have an ongoing relationship where we can have a more substantial impact on the brand over time.

Should I go directly to a sign company?

Most entrepreneurs need professional assistance with signage since they don't have experience in this area. You probably will not know how big the letters should be to be visible from down the block, and you may not know which materials fare best in inclement weather. For this reason, you should visit a professional--either a designer or a sign fabricator. A good designer knows when fabricators are cutting corners and not using the material requested or doing a shoddy job. A designer will also be present at the time of installation to make sure the sign is properly installed.

Do I need a sign permit?

A permit is required for any sign that is erected or displayed in accordance with the City's sign bylaw. Each City, Town or Township has different bylaws. We are experts at completing the requirements and applying for sign permits from Toronto to New Hamburg.

Do you offer help with personal branding?

Yes, a personal brand is about developing a calculated, comprehensive and authentic image in the minds of a targeted group of people, in order to accomplish a definitive goal or set of goals. People with the most effective personal brands utilize content, social media, email, networking, and other means of interpersonal and mass communication to creatively portray their tangible attributes (e.g. years of experience, education, portfolio, case studies) and intangible attributes (e.g. expertise, insights, sense of humor, inspiration, unconventionalism).

What type of graphic services do you provide?

You name it, we know how to draw, illustrate or design any graphics needed for your project. From creative branding identity projects to custom stationery graphic design and social media branding, we do it all. We love the thrill of new projects and new brand concepts. From creative strategy to custom brand engagement and brand awareness campaigns, you can trust that unLOCKEd is a company you can trust to handle all your graphic elements.

Can unLOCKEd help with social media?

Your business needs to be on social media. If you aren’t, you’re missing out on free and effective marketing tools. With almost 70 percent of people on social media, your social media campaigns can reach a lot of people. However, not every social media platform is a good fit for every business. You should invest your time and skills in the platforms where you're most likely to reach and engage with your target audience. unLOCKEd can help you pick the best social media network for your business, and help you learn about the top channels and how to use them for your business.


Additional services

Custom Branding

Branded products marketing fits easily into any advertising budget. Promotional products complement and actually increase the effectiveness of other advertising media.

Branding and Marketing mockup

Signs & Graphics

Interior, exterior and wayfinding signs should all be an extension of your brand. We work with you from design to installation including the sign permits, so everything is consistent and handled from end to end.

Custom made store-front signs, sign permits, sign installation
Designer, Custom websites

Custom Websites

Your website is the first and sometimes, the only thing your potential customers see when they are searching for your products or services. Having a website that people can find is crucial to growing your business.  

Special Events & Grand Openings

Grand openings help attract new customers, generate buzz, gain media attention and create goodwill with neighboring businesses. We can help plan and execute.

Special Events and Grand Opening organization

Local Business Marketing Packages

Whether you’re just starting to get connected as a brand, working to stay connected, or seeking to grow your connections, we have the digital marketing package for you.

Digital Marketing and Local Business Marketing
Colour Schemes on an imac with branding and design serivces

Branding & Design Services

Whether you're looking for a new logo, brochures, banners, signage, trade-show booths — we’re here to help. Working with you to help choose the best materials and products for your needs ensuring your branding is consistent.

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