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How To Create a Branded Environment

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In a previous blog, The Importance of Interior Branding, we discussed how branded environments or interior branding can benefit your company. It is not only important for aesthetics and showcasing your logo, but also to demonstrate brand values and create consistency. Many design elements, such as colour, textiles, and even furniture, can be used to achieve this effect. To give you some inspiration for your space, this blog will provide a few examples of brand values and how they can be created through interior design.


Accessibility has become a common concern among brands. Companies want to make sure that their products, services, and benefits are accessible to everyone. If your brand claims it prioritizes accessibility, your space needs to show it. Make sure your location is updated with wheelchair ramps and accessible parking spots, and that your signs include braille along with text. Accessibility can also be implemented visually by making sure text is large enough to read from a distance, and the text colour is easy to read against the background colour. Further, ensure that all customers can equally access experiences within the space by gaining insight from a diverse range of people. Inviting feedback is also a great way to ensure your location is accessible to everyone.


Customers love to know that their product is sustainably sourced or made, but what about the packaging or the store? When someone orders your product, do they have to tear through multiple layers of packaging that will end up in the garbage? Using minimal packaging and making it recyclable or compostable is one way to showcase your sustainability. In-store, live plants or a moss wall make your interior design more eco-friendly and can even help clean the air. Lots of natural light can also create this feeling for customers. If your brand values sustainability, ensure your products and the feel of your space reflect this.


Comfort can be included in a branded environment with simple design elements that are uncommon in commercial spaces. Warm light rather than harsh white light is one way to do this. If you want customers to feel good buying and using your products, create a comfortable, relaxing space they can do it in. A bookstore is one example of a business that values comfort. Soft, warm light and cozy chairs to read a book create this atmosphere for their customers. Paint and furniture colours can also have a similar effect.


Think of a jewelry store or a travel agency. As soon as you step into the space, even if it’s just inches from a crowded mall hallway, you are transported into the world of luxury. Gold and glass cases line rows of deep purple, burgundy, and ivory tiles. Twinkling lights reflect on the diamonds and emeralds laid perfectly on velvet cushions. You are surrounded by the luxurious aesthetic you are shopping for. Or maybe full wall murals of a sunset or an attractive couple on a beach envelop you as you walk in. You can practically feel the sand beneath your feet and hear the crashing waves. If your company promises a luxurious getaway, show the customer the beautiful scene they don’t want to miss.

We hope these examples give you some ideas on how to turn your space into a branded environment. unLOCKEd marketing experts can help you with projects like this and more! Check out our services on our website to start improving your marketing strategy today.

Author: Sarah Murphy


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