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When Rebranding Makes Sense (And When It Doesn’t)

Many businesses are considering a brand adjustment or full rebrand as they attempt to negotiate the economic uncertainties of 2023 and beyond. The world of small business is in a constant state of evolution with the emergence of new social media platforms, the rise in ecommerce, and many other innovative variables that are changing the way business can be done.

But does all of this disruption justify a rebrand? At unLOCKEd we take the decision to rebrand seriously, looking at 4 key factors when working with clients considering this option. These factors are:

Factor #1: Your core business offerings have changed

Prior to the pandemic, your core business was a contemporary diner with a dedicated community of regulars and steady growth of new dine-in customers. When lockdowns hit, you pivoted nicely and saw your delivery business take off in unexpected ways. Currently your business is 60% dine-in and 40% delivery or take-away. In this case you might want to rebrand your business to communicate more clearly that your diner is both a great place to dine-in on date night but can also be your first choice for delivery as you Netflix and chill.

Factor #2: Your logo feels outdated

The best-case scenario is that your logo is a strong, fully aligned visual representation of what your business does. Does your current logo reflect what your business offers as well as the style that you deliver these services? Does the logo for your diner reflect that you emphasize contemporary rather than nostalgic diner fare? Does it capture in any way the fact that your business is now as much about delivery as it is in-house dining? Would a refresh of the colour, font, or design enhance the alignment between the current state of your business?

Factor #3: Your branding does not stand out from the crowd

Branding is important as the first introduction that many customers have to your business, so standing out from the crowd is vitally important. It is, in fact, one of the key goals of any branding. To stand out. To be different. To be unique. As I explained in discussing the importance of a fresh logo, if your branding and messaging is becoming static (instead of dynamic), outdated (instead of current), or just lacks the energy that you bring to your business every day.

Factor #4: You are struggling to attract new customers or expand your local market

Your diner’s in-house business has returned to almost pre-pandemic levels. Your delivery business has levelled off nicely as a stable revenue stream. While it is tempting to just the course and retain your current business, a business must always be looking to evolve, gain more market share, and be resistant to ebb and flows of the market as new competitors enter the market. When undertaking a full or partial rebrand, we always recommend balancing the integrity of your current brand with updated elements. You need to continue to get the word out about your diner fare, the cool vibe you have worked years to develop, and the long-standing reputation that it has in the community. You cannot simply sit back and let word of mouth do the work of introducing your business to new customers. Your brand (from social media posts to logo design) has to do the heavy lifting so that people know what your core business is, how well do deliver on hat your business promises to deliver, and where to find you.

In the end…

The decision to rebrand is never an easy one. But as young Hamlet learned (too late) and too many businesses have learned (the hard way), delaying a decision can be fatal. At unLOCKEd, we have the expertise and experience to help any business ensure that their branding works and, more importantly, continues to work as the business and market evolves. Regardless of what your business sells or what service it provides, we can help. Whether you are a one-person start-up or long-established enterprise, we can help.

Contact today to get the word out about your business and build a brand that continues to grow as your business does.


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