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Benefits of Biophilic Interior Design

moss walls

If you’ve read our blog about interior branding, you know how important it can be for a company. To give a brief recap, interior branding can be useful both aesthetically and to communicate brand values. It can also help provide a consistent look across locations and create the look and feel you want to present to your customers and clients.

One element of interior branding that is becoming increasingly popular is biophilic design. Biophilia is a love of life or living things. Offices and stores are adding greenery and living elements to their design to cater to this human connection to nature, but there are many other benefits to it as well. Adding a greenery wall, plant accents, or any other biophilic elements to your interior design plan can make a big difference for your business. Here’s why:

Improved Air Quality

Using real plants and greenery in your design improves the space’s air quality. This affects both employees and clients, creating an overall better atmosphere for your business. However, live biophilic designs are not a feasible option for every business. Don’t worry, though – there are many benefits to fake plants and preserved moss walls too!

Showing Brand Values

Having a space full of natural light and biophilic elements shows a lot about who you are as an organization. It reveals your company’s social conscience and green credibility, and shows that you care about your employees. Additionally, the thought put into your interior design indicates your company’s attention to detail and quality of work. Having elements of biophilic design at an entrance or a reception area can immediately communicate your brand values to your clients.

Making the Space More Attractive

Whether your plants are real or fake, they will create a more attractive space for your clients and customers. Being in a natural, calm environment will put your clients at ease and give them a better experience. People notice the space around them, and it will make your business look more attractive if your interior design is more attractive.

Leaving a Lasting Impression

In addition to creating a better experience while your client is in your business space, biophilic design can also leave a lasting impression after they have left. Biophilic elements can become eye-catchers and focal points in the room, making clients more likely to remember them. The client is then left with a positive, lasting memory of your business, which can influence their decision to work with your company or return in the future.

Photo Opportunities

Finally, biophilic elements can make perfect photo opportunities. Whether it is a wall that can be used for a backdrop or a planter that can add some life to the photo, this interior design choice can be extremely functional. If you need to capture a product or take a picture of a new partnership or client, biophilic elements make it easy to get that perfect shot!

unLOCKEd marketing experts are here to help make your interior branding cohesive, functional, and attractive. A biophilic design might be just what you need! Check out our website and let unLOCKEd bring some life to your space.

Author: Sarah Murphy


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