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9 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Social Media

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There is little doubt that we live and work in the age of social media. From influencers to ecommerce to marketing and brand management, social media is everywhere. But with this rise to prominence of social media comes a challenge for businesses of all types and sizes: How to best use social media to promote your product or service?

For many business owners, the first response is a sense of being overwhelmed with decision upon decision & question after question. What platform is best suited for your business? What do I post and when? What is SEO and why should I care? And what is the cost and the benefits of investing in social media?

This is where the unLOCKEd team of social media specialists can help. We help you sort through the noise & chaos that seems to define social media to focus on what makes sense for your business in terms of social media marketing & branding. With decades of experience & a well-honed process, we take the guesswork & frustration out of social media. We replace it with focused, strategic, & effective messaging that boosts business, enhances your brand, &, most importantly, ensures that every dollar you invest in social media delivers the impact your business needs.

As our introduction to the world of social media, here are the 9 reasons that we feel your business should be on social media.

#1 Increasing Customer Reach

Social media is the digital world’s answer to real-life word-of-mouth marketing.

If your business isn’t on social media, the online world isn’t talking about you.

Consumers do a lot of brand research, so a solid digital presence tells clients a number of things about your business.

  • There’s credibility behind the brand if customers can see it engaging online with its followers.

  • If people are commenting on your posts, it gives shoppers a sense of legitimacy.

  • Consumer interaction shows client satisfaction levels.

  • People spend enough time online to be able to see through content that is genuine and content that is nonsense. They’re looking for connections. If you have an engaging social media marketing strategy, your followers will increase bringing you more sales leads.

#2 Social Media as an Online Shopping Platform

The pandemic locked people inside their homes and pushed them to be online more often and for longer. Being unable to visit stores physically led them to shop online. A lot of consumers still haven’t given up that convenience.

The digital space isn’t just a gathering place for people; it’s also a marketplace for new-age shoppers.

If your business isn’t presenting itself on social media, you’re missing out on sales.

Taking your shop where your clients are (hint: they’re online) is the most effective way of increasing your sales.

#3 Building a Sustainable Future

As people were locked down indoors, bricks and mortar businesses saw a drastic slowdown in sales. Malls suffered, too. Those with a pre-existing online presence doubled down and increased their investment in social media marketing. They ended up building sustainability into their business in case another apocalypse happens in the future.

#4 Holding Online Events

As in-person events were wiped off all calendars, people decided to move their communities online and hold digital events.

Social media has fantastic tools that offer businesses various ways of gathering their followers online. It’s the new way of promoting your business: by offering an experience to your followers. Audience engagement through such online events can increase followers because people usually bring along a friend when they’re going to an event, even online. That’s a simple way for you to get more eyeballs on your business and brand than you would with an in-person event.

#5 Humanizing Your Business

A user endorsement goes a long way as a sales pitch.

It’s a bit difficult and tedious telling every customer that walks into your store how much your clients admire what they buy there. Online comments and reviews are a natural way of giving your business that human touch patrons are looking for.

Social media is the easiest way of getting testimonials out to a large audience. You may not even have to ask people to post reviews; they do it automatically when they’re pleased with a service or product.

#6 Become a Market Leader

People trust brands that share information and educate their followers. Social media gives you access to hundreds of thousands of potential customers that are seeking just such guidance.

Whatever your industry, you have some insight to share with patrons. Being seen as a market leader online automatically makes your business the go-to resource.

You stay on top of people’s minds and they instinctively look up your brand for solutions to their retail problems.

#7 Customer Connections

This is pure gold.

Social media is a great way for businesses not only to engage with their clients but also to listen to their needs. It’s the first step for brands to identify customer pain points so they can reassess sales strategies.

There are dozens of forums out there in the cyber sphere where potential clients dwell, seeking advice and solutions.

You can use social media to put your finger on the pulse. Knowing exactly what your customer wants gives you the ability to design products they’re seeking. These subtle, yet effective strategies, can boost sales and increase followers.

#8 Effective Customer Service

This is one of the most important reasons why you should have a healthy social media marketing strategy. Listening to patrons online is an effective way of boosting customer service. Responding to clients’ queries in a timely manner shows people how much your business cares about them.

#9 Intentional Marketing

A tiny bit of investment on social media can go a long way. Social tools now give businesses the ability to spend their advertising dollars smartly by focusing on specific audiences. Once you’ve identified your best customers by being present and active on social media, you can take your sales to the next level by advertising intentionally to those that are interested in the products you offer.

It's Never Too Late to Jump on Social Media

There’s always time to get your business into the digital world. Stop following the crowd and become a pack leader today.

Begin by having a conversation with a social media marketing expert at unLOCKEd. Our customized strategies put your business exactly where it deserves to be — ahead of competition.


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