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8 Reasons Blogging is Critical for Marketing

Websites are your online storefronts in this ever-changing world. Your digital stores

are always open to your customers, but who looks after them when they visit?

The answer: good content.

When customers enter your bricks and mortar store, employees engage them in

conversations and talk about the uniqueness of your brand, the owner’s expertise,

and the value the product or service brings them.

But what replaces this interaction on the digital front?

There is a secret tool you can use: blogging.

What is a blog?

Remember when people kept journals? Well, when the internet became popular,

journaling also moved online and became known as blogging. But that’s the personal

side of blogging —for businesses, blogging holds an entirely different meaning.

It’s the key that turns website visitors into customers.

#1: Marketing Blogs Build Value

Shopping isn’t a reflex action anymore. People are more likely to think before

making a purchase. They ask questions; they do market research to establish

credibility; and then they spend money.

Business blogs serve as digital conversations. New-age customers interact with

brands because they want to feel empowered and informed. They have a need to

become more aware.

A good marketing strategy includes regular informative blog posts that take

consumers along on the brand’s journey. Sharing information via blog posts creates

an alliance with customers.

#2: Blogs Generate Community

Humanity sells, so show your consumers the human side of your behaviour. You can

do that with regular content that gives insights into not only the business and its

products but also you. Sharing stories opens up a window into the business. It’s

makes people feel like they’re part of an insider community, which is committed to

the success of the business. Once the emotional investment has been made, the next

step is for people to become loyal patrons.

#3: Blogs Create Interactivity

Engaging blogs not only bring more visitors to your website but also generate

interest in related posts. This increases the amount of time someone spends

browsing your website. And the more time a visitor gives to a website, the higher

the likelihood of them buying something.

#4: Boosting Brand Awareness

Your website is the flag bearer of your brand. Well-written content that hits all the

right search engine spots pops up in query responses. The more your blogs talk

about solutions your brand offers, the more hits you will get online. The more

visible your brand is the more people talk about it.

If readers feel they’re learning from your blogs, they will share your content,

increasing your brand awareness.

#5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Regular blogging is like regular flossing. It keeps your website from developing any

cavities and other issues that would send it to the web doctor.

But Search engines are constantly changing the way they rank websites and how

they use data to connect businesses with brands. Posting with an established

frequency and building SEO using keywords keeps your business on top of a search

engine’s AI mind.

As the internet becomes more and more responsive to users’ needs, the rules for

content also keep changing. Fresh copy tends to rank better than copy that hasn’t

been touched for a number of years. Up-to-date blogs are an easy way of ensuring

your website remains fresh and search engines rank it higher than competitors’


#6: Blogs Increase Website Traffic

If you’ve done the SEO part of your blogs well, the world of algorithms will

automatically drive more traffic toward your brand. Website visitors pay close

attention to how often you post. Updated content shows potential customers how

actively you’re involved in your business and its development.

Seeing recent posts shows a caring mindset. Your consumers will look at you as the

involved and passionate business owner that cares. The more hits you get, the more

you will also be seen as an expert in the field. Once your authority is established,

your service or product will be the first one that comes in your consumers’ minds.

And they will also be more likely to refer your business to others.

#7: By the Numbers

Prioritizing business blogging will give you 13 times more ROI. Don’t believe us?

Listen to the experts. ContentPlus says 60% of consumers feel engaged and report

positive feelings for a brand after reading custom blog content.

The DemandGenReport says that 47% of B2B buyers will read at least 3 and up to 5

blog posts before they pick up the phone and talk to a salesperson.

According to SEJ 90% of businesses use blogs to market their products and brands

in 2022. Make sure you’re not in the 10%.

#8: Blogging Generates Customer Insights

When you’re working on a blog schedule, you will constantly ask yourself: what are

my customers thinking? This brainstorming will force you to develop important

client insights.

Gripping content will not only stir curiosity among readers but will also lead to a

new level of interactivity with your brand. People will reach out asking questions

and seeking more information. This kind of exchange is crucial for businesses that

are trying to understand their clients and gain insights without spending thousands

of dollars on expensive listening software.

“I’m Busy Running My Business…”

This is a line we constantly hear from business owners when we ask why they aren’t


Yes, we understand you’re busy running your business. We also understand the

business is your top priority. And we also get that many entrepreneurs will take

marketing upon themselves. But with every task pulling for your attention, content

is the first one to move to the back of the list and then fall off the radar altogether.

But, at unLOCKDEd, we let you put your content at the forefront through our

customized care packages. We will take this task right off your plate.

We’d love to talk about how we can free up more of your time for what’s key for you

— being the best at what you do.


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