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What Your Business Can Learn from Google Analytics

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Understanding how your business is doing online isn’t always easy. Knowing whether your website is showing up in search engine results or if people are receptive to a new marketing campaign isn’t obvious at a glance. The good news is, Google Analytics can help. Google Analytics provides website owners with valuable insights into how users are interacting with their digital assets and marketing campaigns which can help them improve. But if you’re not sold, here’s what you can learn from Google Analytics to help your business.

Making Data-Based Decisions

Google Analytics provides website owners with data from users’ activity and interactions on their website. This allows businesses to make decisions with accurate data rather than guessing what customers will respond to. If a product is doing well in-store, you can use this observation and make the decision to stock more of it. Likewise, if a blog or product is attracting a lot of traffic on your website, you can make marketing decisions, such as writing similar blogs or advertising that product, based on the data provided. Google Analytics takes out the guesswork.

Understand Client Behaviour

Between economic struggles, changes in spending throughout the pandemic, and rapidly changing trends, it can be difficult to understand your customers’ behaviour. However, Google Analytics includes user IDs that aid in tracking behaviour with regard to your business. This allows you to see user activity beyond singular interactions. Instead, you can track user behaviour from acquisition to purchase to retention. This data can help you understand where in the process your website may need to improve and the demographic of customers that come back to your business repeatedly.

Targeted Marketing

Further than benefiting the improvement of your website, this data can help with your marketing strategy. The demographics and activity of the users on your website can be used for targeted marketing. These data sets can be used for ad personalization, which plays a significant role in marketing. For example, Google gives you the option to set up personalized ads relevant to the geographical data collected from your clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Of course, we can’t forget SEO. Using Google Analytics can help you understand how your website pages are doing in the search engine results – you can’t track users’ activity if they never find your page! The tool gives insights regarding the pages of your website that are gaining a relative number of visitors and your best-performing pages. This can help you strategize what kind of content to invest in and how to allocate your efforts accordingly.

In the past, business success was simply measured by sales. Today, the name of the game is digital marketing. You can learn a lot about the activity on your website through Google Analytics, but if you want to go the extra mile, unLOCKEd can help. Benefiting from years of experience in the management process, Victoria LOCKE understands the core competency of owners and managers and works on your behalf.

Author: Sarah Murphy


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